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Anti-Scream Training for Peaceful Mornings

As you know I have currently four Greenwing macaw parrots in my bedroom – unflighted / handicapped birds which cannot be safely placed in the bird hall, yet.

Well, my feathered darlings had gotten into the habit of loudly greeting the new day at an ungodly hour.  <sigh>

I finally decided to do something about it and for the last few days I have jumped out of bed and raced out of the room without a comment as soon as they started screaming.

Lo and behold this morning they were as quiet as little church mice. I woke up just after eight by myself (normal is 5:30 for me).

My little angels deserve extra pine nuts in copious amounts today. 🙂

You can find more information on anti-scream training in my book:
Screaming & Screeching: How to Solve Problem Behavior with Clicker Training

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