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Parrot Talks 01 - Shared Pain Is Half The Pain

Hello everyone …
I am very sad/angry/frustrated because my parrot screams/bites/is afraid of me are messages I receive from parrot people daily.
So I'm gonna make a couple of talks for you about parrot behavior … or rather problem behaviour to give you some thoughts to ponder and actions to take … to make things better ...
Today is the first one … before we start … if you are not yet in my facebook-group, Soul Based Parrot Training & Relationship Building The place to be to start building a glorious relationship with your parrots … If you are not in that group - I suggest that you pop into the facebook search box soul based parrot training … and request to join the group and hop on in so you can join the discussion, grab awesome free content … and get started ...
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Ok. Where were we …
I am very sad/angry/frustrated because my parrot screams/bites/is afraid of me are messages I receive from parrot people daily.
Surprisingly many of you think that you are the exception. And that having problems with your parrots is something to be ashamed of. And it makes sense to think that. On social media people are apt to present themselves in a good light. So they post cute snuggle pictures, happy pictures … and you think every one has a beautiful relationship with your parrots except for you. Consequently you struggle alone.
However the reality is, to have parrots with absolutely no issues … is the exception rather than the rule.
I am obviously not talking here about people who have had a parrot for 1 or 2 months … or even a year. I am talking about parronts who are in it for the long haul. Who are living with parrots that have reached sexual maturity … which is often the point in time when the real problems begin.
So, if you are one of them. Take heart! You are not alone! Not by a long shot. There's nothing to be ashamed about … and there's pleanty you can do to make things better.

Rule #1) Shared pain is half the pain … It helps to talk about it.
And if you don't want to get attacked or belittled about it or you feel uncomfortable to share unpleasant things. That's ok. For one thing my Soul Based Parrots Training provides a safe and sacred place to share such things … even dark thoughts … because if you keep it inside, it will fester and get worth.

Another great way to deal with it is journaling. Write down all your pain, your sorrows, your worried, so you can release it. Write and write and write until it is all out in the open and you feel better. Remember – it is the feeling that counts. Ok?

Why is this so important? Getting out all that negative stuff is the first step to releasing it and moving into a better relationship with your parrots. As long as all those negative thoughts are simmering inside it is really difficult to make the mental and emotional shift to change things.

Also keeping everything bottled up leads to overwhelm. And when you are overwhelmed it is almost impossible to take action. You don't know where to start. What to do. And often you are altogether paralyzed. You'd rather crawl into a corner and “suck on your thumb” than to step into your power and do something about it.

Bringing it out in the open also helps you realize what the pain points really are to assess their relative importance and decide on where to begin to effect change.

So, my homework for you for today is to share all the bad stuff about living with your parrots in the comments. And remember – if you feel uncomfortable about sharing this publicly … please come into my soul based parrot training group for a safe and sacred space to share and talk about this. Ok?

See you soon and have a great day … 😀❤