Parrot Problems - Anti-Screaming Training: Don't wait, until it's too late!

I received an email over night from a desperate parrot owner asking me for help. Her neighbor is taking her to mediation court in less than a week because her macaws are screaming too much in the outside aviary.

This is obviously a problem that has taken some time to escalate to this point:

The macaws had to develop the habit of screaming non-stop. You might say they were inadvertently trained by the owner to do so. How? Her attempts to get the birds to be quiet obviously were reinforcing the behavior instead. The deterioration of her relationship with her . . . → Read More: Parrot Problems – Anti-Screaming Training: Don’t wait, until it’s too late!

Anti-Scream Training for Peaceful Mornings

As you know I have currently four Greenwing macaw parrots in my bedroom – unflighted / handicapped birds which cannot be safely placed in the bird hall, yet.

Well, my feathered darlings had gotten into the habit of loudly greeting the new day at an ungodly hour. <sigh>

I finally decided to do something about it and for the last few days I have jumped out of bed and raced out of the room without a comment as soon as they started screaming.

Lo and behold this morning they were as quiet as little church mice. I woke up just . . . → Read More: Anti-Scream Training for Peaceful Mornings

Video: Analysis of Human Parrot Interaction

Here is an interesting video of my friend Tenko interacting with his African Grey. It shows a lot about behavior and human / animal interaction:

If you observe this video closely, you may learn quite a bit about body language and the reaction of the bird to the human’s antics.

Initially the bird is ignoring his human. The human goofs around and the parrot is totally relaxed about it. This changes abruptly when the human stares directly at the parrot at close range (approx. 1:56). The parrot moves away and in her body posture shows some clear tension for . . . → Read More: Video: Analysis of Human Parrot Interaction

Parrot aggression - what to do

In spring time many parrots get hormonal. Sometimes, this results in aggression displays against the owner or other human or non-human members of the household. Parrots can also become aggressive during any other time of the year. Sometimes this happens abruptly, sometimes this develops over time. More often than not the owner is stumped and asks himself: “Why?” and “What to do?” As always when confronted with behavior changes, especially abrupt ones, the first thing to do is to take the bird to an experienced avian vet for a check-up. It often happens that illness or injury is the trigger . . . → Read More: Parrot aggression – what to do

ABC-analysis for problem behaviour in parrots

While trying to solve problem behaviors, ABC-analysis is an extremely helpful tool. ABC stands for the three areas that we need to understand, to facilitate a solution to the problem. The A stands for antecedent. This is whatever happened just before the behavior was shown. B stands for behavior. This would be the problem behavior which we are trying to correct. Finally, C stands for consequence, or what happened right after the behavior was shown. I treat problem behaviour on the basis that behavior does not develop in a vacuum and that most behaviors can be changed. ABC-Analysis helps us . . . → Read More: ABC-analysis for problem behaviour in parrots