Parrot Coaching

  • You would like to tame or train your parrots?
  • Your parrot screams, bites or has other behavioural issues?
  • You don’t know what best to feed him?
  • You would like to optimize his keeping conditions?
  • You have questions regarding his health?
I have written several books and many articles to help you with your parrot issues. I am also available for personal consultations, if you would prefer more intensive 1-on-1 help. Consulting packages are available, as follows:

1 Hour – Basic Consultation

This consultation package is the right one, if you have a question that does not concern an ongoing issue.  Questions like that may be:
  • What do I need to pay attention to when selecting a cage?
  • How can I get my birds to eat a more varied diet?
  • How do I go about getting an appropriate mate for my parrot?

3 Hours – Behavior Package

Three hours are the basic consultation package for behavior issues. Such issues are usually addressed over a time frame of several weeks, during which the three hours consulting time are incrementally used up. A behavior consultation consists of three major components.

1. Identifying the issue

In this phase we explore the details of the behavior issue including what may be triggering the behavior and how it is being reinforced. From this we generate an action plan to alleviate the issue. I may ask you at this point to take the bird in to an experienced avian vet for a check-up, as certain behavior issues may have a medical component.

2. Addressing the issue

In the second phase we implement our action plan. This typically consists of appropriate training and adjustments to its environment. In other words, I will give you homework assignments that you need to complete between sessions.

3. Fine tuning

In the last segment, we fine tune any difficulties or issues that may be coming up in the implementation phase. Phases two and three are repeated as often as required to clear the issue.

10 Hours – Parront Coaching Package

The Parrot Coaching Package is appropriate when you have a multitude of issues to deal with. These issues may all concern one bird, but often this package is appropriate for multi bird households.

The Parrot Coaching Package is also great when you are new to parrot keeping and would like an expert at hand to answer all your questions and issues that may come up.

Often this is the best way to progress with new birds, as any issues that come up can be addressed immediately, before they grow into big problems.

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Dear Parront,
Please select the coaching package you would like from the drop-down menu, below. Upon successful check-out I will be notified and will contact you via email for a mutually convenient time for our coaching session.

I am looking forward to working with you and helping you to have a glorious relationship with your happy & healthy parrots!
Take care & Fly high,