You have questions, dear Parront? Let’s get you some help!

First, please check the Frequently Answered Questions below. There’s a pretty big chance we’ve already answered your question right here and you can get your answer right now.

  • If your question isn’t answered below and you’ve got a query about my products, coaching or business opportunities, please email me at ann (at) thebirdschool.com.
  • If you have behavior, nutrition, health, keeping or other kind of questions, you can either read my books, hire me as a parront coach, or submit your question to be answered on my blog by emailing it to ann (at) thebirdschool.com.
  • When you can expect a response: I will answer emails within 3 days & I do take weekends off! Sacred balance and time for the fids! 🙂

How does a consultation appointment work with you?
A consultation appointment is usually done via skype. Imagine that you have a really close good friend or sister who knows a ton of stuff about parrots and whom you can ask any question no matter how stupid, embarrassing or difficult. That’s me. Technically, you purchase one of several available consulting packages. Whichever time we don’t use in a session is simply carried over into the next session. Sometimes sessions are very short, e.g. 10 minutes if you have only a quick question and sometimes they can be several hours long. We take whatever time we need, until you are happy and your questions have been resolved. For more information please click here.

I’m feeling really lost. What can I do? How can you help me?
Oh sweetie … big hugs to you. It can be so hard when we don’t know where our relationship with our parrot went, where our joy has gone, or what we need to do next.
I’ve designed my products and services so I can give you the best help, wisdom and information that I can, and really help the best way I can.

The best way I can help parronts:

  • Read my books on the problems that apply
  • Book a consulting appointment with me
  • Hang out on my website and read the many many articles there. Maybe one of them will exactly cover your problem.

I operate a Not For Profit Rescue. Can I get a coaching rebate?
Yes, dear Parront. I fully understand and appreciate the work, money and time that goes into running a rescue. If you provide me with a scanned or photocopied copy of your official documentation that proves your status, I will give you a 50% rebate on coaching.

Please send your documentation to  ann (at) thebirdschool.com with the heading “Rescue Coaching Application”. Once your documentation has been reviewed and you rescue status approved you will receive a rebate code for rescues.

The rescue I run does not have government status. Can I still get a rebate?
No, I am sorry. We can only give rebates, if you submit to us proof of your rescue status in the form of copies of your official documentation.

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May I send you something to review?
Sure – but I do only review things that I end up truly adoring. You’re welcome to send your products to  ann (at) thebirdschool.com.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter?
Yes! I’d love to connect with you there. I’m here on Facebook, and here on Twitter.

Do you mind if I link to your blog or your posts on my website or blog?
Darling, I would be honoured – thank you so much! You can even use some of my badges & images on your blog.

In what currency are prices on your website?
All prices are in US dollars unless otherwise specified.

Where can I buy your books, posters and other goodies?
You can buy my my books here. All posters and other goodies are only available to newsletter subscribers at this point.

Want your question answered in a blog post?
You can send your question to ann (at) thebirdschool.com and I will do my best to answer it in a future article or video.