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Parrot training is an important part of having a good life with your parrots. However an equally important part of good parrot care is to have lots of fun and laughter with your birds. It builds your relationship. In fact, every time that you can laugh with your parrots is like pure cash in your relationship account. So try to have some fun activity every day with your parrots.

To illustrate this, I am showing you a silly little video here of three of my Greenwing macaws singing and bopping away. We’re having a lot of fun as you can . . . → Read More: Parrot Training & Parrot Fun

Sadness & Mirth

Today it hit me again out of the blue. I think I am fine – really I do and then I stand in the kitchen as tears start pouring down my face again. Clearly, being involved in parrot training or writing parrot books does not teach you one thing about handling grief.

It appears I am fine only as long as I do not think of Mr. Darcy, nothing reminds me of him, like a forgotten syringe at the back of the counter top, or a jar of vitamin powder that I forgot to hide.

In all this misery Lailah . . . → Read More: Beyond Parrot Training: Sadness & Mirth

The Parrot & The Slave

Handicapped Greenwing Macaw Soliciting Scritches

Lailah is certainly relishing the extra time I now have for her and is progressing in leaps and bounds. My little girl and I are making great progress in her “Up” and “Down” training. I can now lift her up by her healthy foot and also by holding her body without her showing any signs of distress. It is a cooperative effort between the two of us to get her handicapped body on my arm or shoulder (and to keep it there). On the other hand, she is also turning into an ADS slave driver as she is unable to . . . → Read More: The Parrot & The Slave

Mr. Darcy's Final Day

Hello my dear Parrot Friends. Thank you so very much for your overwhelming show of support. I know it won’t make Mr. Darcy alive again, but it is a comfort to know that he was loved by so many of you.

As you can imagine I am still reeling. It hurts so much. Yet, I cannot fathom a life without him. Any moment I expect to hear his claws clicking on the tile floor as he goes in search of me, to be lifted up by his beak with a big welcoming greeting & hugs & kisses, before he proceeds . . . → Read More: Mr. Darcy’s Final Day

Hector's story - the tragedy of being a handraised bird

I thought maybe you’d like to know more about my African grey Hector. Little Hector is – as you can see – a big strapping (almost 600g) “stud” of a bird. This was not always like that.

I bought him in 2001 in Manhattan not knowing what I know now. Hector was handraised from egg and shipped as a baby from California to the store in NYC. There he was handraised with a crop tube. I saw this procedure the first time after I had been visiting him daily for about two weeks. It is brutal!

. . . → Read More: Hector’s story – the tragedy of being a handraised bird

Greenwing Lailah Loves Me

17-09-2012 Lailah, my handicapped Greenwing macaw girl, is officially in love with me. In the mornings she calls “hey you”, until I, being well trained, get out of bed and give her my hand. She takes it ever so gently in her beak and then starts pumping. Luckily she just goes through the motions and I do not end up with a handful of regurgitated “icky” stuff. 🙂

I can hold her handicapped foot quite well now with my left hand, too. Will need to introduce nail clippers, next. The nails are so long that I will have to start . . . → Read More: Greenwing Lailah Loves Me

Greenwing Macaws Join Flock in the Bird Hall

01-09-2012 Today is a really exciting day here at the bird school. As you know I had four Greenwing macaw parrots in my bedroom – unflighted / handicapped birds which could not be safely placed in the bird hall. Miss Lizzie’s horribly mauled flight feathers have been growing back over the past two years, since she moved in with me. These things just take forever. Since her flights have almost completed their growing back in a few weeks ago, Lizzie’s flight efforts have been vigorous. She progressed from “hand flying” exercises, to little jump flights onto my bed, until finally . . . → Read More: Greenwing Macaws Join Flock in the Bird Hall

Parrot Problems - Anti-Screaming Training: Don't wait, until it's too late!

I received an email over night from a desperate parrot owner asking me for help. Her neighbor is taking her to mediation court in less than a week because her macaws are screaming too much in the outside aviary.

This is obviously a problem that has taken some time to escalate to this point:

The macaws had to develop the habit of screaming non-stop. You might say they were inadvertently trained by the owner to do so. How? Her attempts to get the birds to be quiet obviously were reinforcing the behavior instead. The deterioration of her relationship with her . . . → Read More: Parrot Problems – Anti-Screaming Training: Don’t wait, until it’s too late!

Anti-Scream Training for Peaceful Mornings

As you know I have currently four Greenwing macaw parrots in my bedroom – unflighted / handicapped birds which cannot be safely placed in the bird hall, yet.

Well, my feathered darlings had gotten into the habit of loudly greeting the new day at an ungodly hour. <sigh>

I finally decided to do something about it and for the last few days I have jumped out of bed and raced out of the room without a comment as soon as they started screaming.

Lo and behold this morning they were as quiet as little church mice. I woke up just . . . → Read More: Anti-Scream Training for Peaceful Mornings

Musical Chairs With Parrots

28-06-2012 Living with parrots can be a lot of joy, but it can also be a source of pure frustration and bewilderment. Take the addition of little Lara, the severe macaw girl, to my flock. She is meant as a mate for Pedro who has been a widower for too long. Initially all went swimmingly well between them. Pedro was besotted and had little pink hearts in his eyes whenever he looked upon Lara. She – after 19 years of solitary confinement – did not quite know what to make of it, but she tolerated his closeness to some degree . . . → Read More: Musical Chairs With Parrots

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