About Ann

Hola! I am Ann Castro. I work with parronts to help them have glorious relationships with happy and healthy parrots. I want you to be filled with joy and love for your parrots and I want to help you to support them to have long and healthy lives. I help parronts with all questions regarding parrot training, behavior, diet, health & keeping.

I’m an author, behavior therapist and parront to a delightful flock of more than 20 parrots of all sizes. I am a vessel of factual information and practical wisdom for the parronts in my digital flock. I have known the joys of rescuing and healing battered creatures, but have also experienced the utter heartbreak when a beloved parrot dies. I live on a little farm with my flock and two dogs.

I’m here to help you have glorious relationships with happy and healthy parrots. To get started, you’ll want to grab your complimentary parrot information kit.

The Official Version

Since childhood, Ann Castro has been surrounded by parrots, as well as other birds and animals. Both parents being medical doctors – her father a psychiatrist and neurologist, her mother a general practitioner who also bred budgeriars – Ann was introduced to behavioural, as well as medical topics at an early age.

The author has been involved with parrots for many years. She gives advice to parrots owners regarding all issues related to their pets. Her area of specialization is the resocialization of birds with behavioral issues. Ann is an advocate of species appropriate keeping. Behavior problems are resolved using an integrated approach of clicker training and optimizing species appropriate keeping conditions.

Ann has written several books on parrots. These books are available in all major bookstores.

In 2003, Ann Castro founded a not-for-profit organization, the AdlA Papageienhilfe gGmbH. AdlA stands for „Amigos de las Aves“ which means “friends of the birds”. “Papageienhilfe” is the German word for parrot aid. The aim of the AdlA Papageienhilfe is to improve the relationships and understanding between birds and owners and thus minimizing the number of birds losing their homes. Ann Castro’s advice is sought by pet owners, veterinaries and pet shops alike. She has also appeared in various TV shows as a parrot expert.

Ann Castro, a born Canadian who currently lives in Germany, holds a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toronto and a Masters degree in Business Administration from York University, Canada. Ann currently works as an equities brokers for German stocks to institutional clients in England.

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