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Cage & Aviary Not your usual parrot person by Dot Schwarz 29/05/2013
Dot Schwarz meets ANN CASTRO, a parrot-behaviour
therapist with a growing reputation for avian trouble-shooting
CANADIAN-BORN Ann Castro enjoys a reputation in Germany, where she now lives, as a parrot-behaviour therapist and writer of exceptional training books. She’s becoming increasingly well-known in this part of the world, too.
… more

SouthCoastToday Shelters taking in exotic pets, too by Brian J. Lowney 26/12/2010
Fur, fins and feathers
What are you going to do with that adorable hamster that Santa left in your Christmas stocking?
Some will be thrilled with their gift (especially if the hamster came with its own exercise globe). But the folks who weren’t expecting — or particularly wanting — a hamster now face the great responsibility of caring for a pet. … more

The Parrot Society UK The Bird School Book Review by Dorothy Schwarz
This English edition, originally published in German, makes a welcome addition to any parrot owner’s library. Written in jargon-free language it gives a clear exposition of the theory of behaviour science and why and how clicker training is one of the easiest, most successful methods to socialize and train our captive parrots using modern non-punitive methods. … more