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Parrot Training & Parrot FunParrot training is an important part of having a good life with your parrots. However an equally important part of good parrot care is to have lots of fun and laughter with your birds. It builds your relationship.
Beyond Parrot Training: Sadness & MirthToday it hit me again out of the blue. I think I am fine - really I do and then I stand in the kitchen as tears start pouring down my face again. Clearly, being involved in parrot training or writing parrot books does not teach you one thing about handling grief.
The Parrot & The SlaveLailah is certainly relishing the extra time I now have for her and is progressing in leaps and bounds. My little girl and I are making great progress in her "Up" and "Down" training. I can now lift her up by her healthy foot and also by holding her body without her showing any signs of distress.
Mr. Darcy's Final DayHello my dear Parrot Friends. Thank you so very much for your overwhelming show of support. I know it won't make Mr. Darcy alive again, but it is a comfort to know that he was loved by so many of you. As you can imagine I am still reeling. It hurts so much.
Top 10 Holiday Dangers for ParrotsThe holiday season can be lovely, filled with good friends, family, love and light. However, it can quickly become a nightmare to anyone keeping parrots as it is fraught with dangers that may impair your pets' health and maybe even cost them their lifes.
Adopt, Don't Shop for Parrots!Dear Parronts, Talking about species appropriate keeping and not supporting the mass production of parrots is one thing. Helping owners of parrots finding appropriate mates for their birds is another.
Hector's story - the tragedy of being a handraised birdI thought maybe you'd like to know more about my African grey Hector. Little Hector is - as you can see - a big strapping (almost 600g) "stud" of a bird. This was not always like that. I bought him in 2001 in Manhattan not knowing what I know now.
Fireworks Parrot TrainingMany parrot and other pet owners have rather mixed feelings when it comes to new year's and other public celebrations. Of course any party is great. But fireworks can be really scary to our beloved animals. They could be stressed or even injure themselves in panic.
Herbs for Parrots - The Ayurvedic PerspectiveDr. Mufaddal Rampurwala, doctor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Head of Department at Alternative Medicine Center - Kuwait, kindly shared and allowed me to post the following overview of herbs. CAUTION: Please always see an experienced avian vet first for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Safe, Ethical and Parrot Friendly Cleaners: Vinegar and Baking Soda"All" the Americans seem to be cleaning with vinegar and baking soda all the time. (haha - how's that for generalization :-)) As a multi-parrot and dog owner, I am forever battling with filth. So I thought, "Great idea - I'll try this.