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Severe Macaw Lara - First Time in the Flight Hall

Those of you who follow me on facebook know that one week ago little Lara moved in with us and you have read about a gazillion mini-updates during her first week here. Hope, I have not been boring you too much with my excitement! 🙂

For those who aren’t followers: Lara is an almost 19 year old Severe macaw girl and is meant to fall madly in love with Pedro my single Severe macaw male for the purposes of species appropriate keeping – or to put it more simply – of them both being deliriously happy as little parrots ought to be.

After a week of getting to know each other today was the day on which Lara was supposed to check out the bird hall for the first time. To make it easier on her I took the stinkiest of the stinky gang – Scarlett, the Greenwing macaw hen, and Polly, the Blue Crowned Conure hen – out of the bird room. With everything being new and Lara not being used to open spaces like this I really did not think she would be too happy about being chased about by my “juvenile delinquents”. Anyhow, Scarlett and Polly and their respective mates joined me in the living room, as did a few of the African Greys and Lara went into the bird hall. Scary. With huge eyes she looked around while I sneaked out. My heart went out to her she looked so lost in the large flight hall. I circled her in red in the photo below so you can find her. 🙂 Doesn’t she look lost? 🙁

Lara, the Severe macaw, first day in the flight hall

Photo: Ann Castro


Meanwhile, Scarlett and Polly were pigging out on my homemade Lemonade (with Maple Sirup! – outing myself as a Canuck here :-)):

Photo: Ann Castro Yummy, yummy lemonade ...

Photo: Ann Castro

Greenwing macaw and Blue Crowned Conure Drink Lemonade

Photo: Ann Castro


Photo: Ann Castro


Soon enough Pedro joined her on her perch which I observed through the glass doors. Unfortunately, Lara saw me and flew over trying to land on the lattice work, but instead landing almost on top of Louise a little blind African Grey hen who did not take too kindly to being thus disturbed. Thus, I rescued Lara. So far so good.

After a little while we tried, again. That went a lot better. Since Lara seemed fairly relaxed and Jack and Scarlett kept asking for a shower – I took those two to the bathroom and drenched them. Afterwards they wanted to go back into the bird hall, as they always do after showers. In they went and I took Lara back out with me.

After another break I took Lara back into the bird hall, but left the door open, as Pedro was still in the living room and she did not have any help, if someone were to start to annoy her. Surprisingly, Lara did not make any attempts to leave the bird hall, but sat on a perch in the sun ( I had opened the roof earlier as we are having a beautiful summer day ). Shortly after that the two conures and Pedro also went into the bird hall. Currently, all is very peaceful and quiet as they are settling in for their mid-day siesta. Only three of the greys are still in the living room with me as I am writing and listening to some relaxing musik. Ahhhh … life as it should be. 🙂