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Parrot Training & Parrot Fun

Parrot training is an important part of having a good life with your parrots. However an equally important part of good parrot care is to have lots of fun and laughter with your birds. It builds your relationship. In fact, every time that you can laugh with your parrots is like pure cash in your relationship account. So try to have some fun activity every day with your parrots.

To illustrate this, I am showing you a silly little video here of three of my Greenwing macaws singing and bopping away. We’re having a lot of fun as you can see, but the deeper purpose of this is to get Lailah my handicapped Greenwing macaw who is fairly new to the flock accustomed to the other Greenwings which she is afraid of right now. Singing and dancing together makes her connect the other parrots not to fear but to fun in her mind which will help her to get used to them.