Appearance of Budgerigars under UV-Light

Budgie-UV-Light Appearance Video

In a previous article the importance of UV-A and UV-B light for our parrots was explained.

Here is a video which illustrates the vision argument nicely. Enjoy! 🙂

Chickweed - Just a Weed and Budgie Treat?

Chickweed Healthy Nutrition for Budgies, Parrots and other Birds

Chickweed is loved by budgerigars and other parrots. It is also one of the most underestimated plants. Not only is chickweed more nutritious than lettuce, it may also be harvested almost throughout the whole year. You may find its tender leaves under a layer of snow allowing our feathered companions . . . more

Lilah Love - Greenwing Macaw Hen Succumbs to my Avances

18-03-2012 Little Lailah has been living with me since January fourth and has remained unchangeably shy during this time. She did take treats from my hand and – and somewhat unwillingly – allowed me to briefly touch her beak. But that was it.

With the approaching spring, however, her . . . more

Video: Analysis of Human Parrot Interaction

Here is an interesting video of my friend Tenko interacting with his African Grey. It shows a lot about behavior and human / animal interaction:

If you observe this video closely, you may learn quite a bit about body language and the reaction of the bird to the human’s . . . more

Crafts: How to make a Parrot Feather Pendant

Sofia has made beautiful jewellery from her budgies’ moult feathers. I have asked her to write for us a detailed explanation so that we may be able to convert our birds’ feathers into little works of art, as well. Here it is:

by Sofia Karl

During moulting season we often . . . more

How Important is UV-Lighting for Parrots?

On my continuous quest for enlightenment regarding all parrot issues I had a rather lengthy conversation with John Courteney-Smith, yesterday, regarding UV-lighting for parrots and other birds. John is Reptile Products Manager for Arcadia Products Plc. the world leader in reptile, aquarium and bird lighting systems. Who better to talk . . . more

How to Build a Macaw Bathing Table

Now it fits and the bowl sits flat on the table

Work time without the shopping part: approximately an hour (less if unlike me you don’t have to file the holes larger … ). Total cost: Just shy of €43 Fun for beloved birdies: unmeasurable

Currently, I have four macaws stranded in my bedroom. Three of them are handicapped and the . . . more

Cage almost kills monk parakeet

zinc poisoning through parrot cage

by Sabrina Gärtner

A beautiful Sunday afternoon. Just before 2 pm my pair of monk parakeets, Lumpi and Azzurra, fly to their feeding bowls to splurge on parrot mash. I am relaxing on the sofa, reading a book, when I suddenly hear a strange noise from the direction of my . . . more

Reading a book with four Greenwing Macaws

10-01-2012 Don’t laugh – I thought, it was worth a try. My greenwing macaws Lizzie and Sam are gradually getting closer. When I pick-up Lizzie in the evening to bring her to bed, she used to want to go onto the other macaw’s stand to plunder their feed bowls. Not . . . more

May I present Lailah - Greenwing Macaw Hen

Adopted handicapped greenwing macaw hen

08-01-2012 I would like to introduce Lilah to you, a female greenwing macaw. With her my mini flock of six greenwings is complete. Lilah is Lizzie’s sister, albeit a few years older (from 2005). Her breeder arranged for me to adopt her. As you can see on the photo, Lilah . . . more

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