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Parrot Rescue | Carlo's Song | One Macaw's Story

Carlos was a beautiful blue & gold macaw who had been wild caught. His plight inspired me one late night to write a song about all the wild caught parrots and their sad plight.
A friend helped me to put it to music. I am not a singer and I apologize for that. If you are a music expert you will wrinkle your nose. But if you love parrots as I do, you will understand.

Carlo’s Song

I’m a parrot
born to fly
I should always
Be in the sky

Papua Neuguinea
was my home
In the jungles
I loved to roam

And I…..I loved so to fly
And I…..I loved so to fly

I had friends
with feathers blue and red
the hollow of palms
was our bed

But bad men came
Late at night
The air was filled
with screams of pain and fright

They caught us all
They held us tight
They broke my wing
I’ll never again take flight

And I…..would so love to fly
And I…..would so love to fly

In little boxes
with no air to breath
they crammed us tight
So many of us in agony died

I was sent
To a new home
To sit in a cage
Sad and alone

They said they loved me,
They said they’re my friend
When will
This agony ever end?

And I…..would so love to fly
But I…..was caught on the fly

Today my owner died
Her son does not want me
He wants to kill me
I am so afraid

I want to live
Be with some friends
See the sun and sky
Just once more, before I die

But I…..was caught on the fly
But I…..was caught on the fly

Today they brought me
To a new home
There’s lots of parrots
And space for us to roam

Am I in heaven?
Am I alive?
Is this the end at last
Of all my strife?

The say they love me
They’re good and kind
A sweet wife for me
They are going to find

I get hugs and kisses
Every day
Sweet words and treats, too many
For me to say

But I…..would still love to fly
But I…..would so love to fly