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Ethical Parrot Keeping - the Civil Rights Movement for Parrots

Those of you who have been following my writing for a while, know that I am a staunch supporter of species appropriate keeping of parrots.

I know that some people are terribly offended when I tell them that it is not ok to keep a parrot without a mate, with clipped wings, and in a small cage. I know that speaking-up can get some parrot owners terribly upset. Some even turn into enemies. Thus, this kind of public education can be frustrating and unpleasant at times. Luckily though there are also parrot owners who, once introduced to the concept, embrace it whole-heartedly. These are, of course, the highlights that keep me going. However, more people could be reached, if the message could be brought across more “smoothly”.

As I was contemplating about non-offending ways to spread the concept of species appropriate keeping this morning, it occurred to me that there are quite a few parallels to the civil rights movement:

  • Did people get upset at the civil rights proponents? They sure did.
  • Did civil rights proponents make enemies? They sure did – even deadly enemies.
  • Did civil rights ideas go totally against the generally accepted ways of doing things at that time? They sure did.
When I speak about species appropriate keeping of parrots, I often get the same reaction as those civil rights people did: unbelieving, blockage, arguments and even downright hostility.

Imagine, if the civil rights people had stopped to speak up. If nothing had changed. The world we live in would be far worse for it.

I think that most of us believe that the civil rights people had good cause to speak up. I hope that at some point in our future civil rights for parrots and in fact all non-human living beings will feel as naturally right to us as civil rights for humans.

For more information regarding the species appropriate keeping of parrots please see here.