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Adopt, Don't Shop for Parrots!

Dear Parronts,

Talking about species appropriate keeping and not supporting the mass production of parrots is one thing. Helping owners of parrots finding appropriate mates for their birds is another. To facilitate this I have created a facebook page called Adopt, Don’t Shop for Parrots! The purpose of this page is to help birds needing homes and potential adopters to find each other.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, I feel it is necessary to provide you with guidelines for using this page. Please read and abide by them. Posts not complying with these guidelines may be deleted.

1. This is not a birds for sale page. All sales ads will be deleted.

Adoptions must be free of charge. Adoption fees, mandatory donations, etc. are considered to be sales prices and are not permitted. You may ask for veterinary cost reimbursement against presentation of your vet’s invoice.

2. Species Appropriate Keeping

We support species appropriate keeping. Our aim is to find good forever homes that follow the guidelines of species appropriate keeping which orientates itself on the way parrots live naturally. Cornerstones are:

  • pairing parrots up with a same species, opposite gender partner, or even better a mini flock
  • keeping the birds flighted
  • providing large enclosures with ample space rather than keeping them locked in a cage

For more details such as minimum cage sizes please see The Minimum Requirements for the Keeping of Parrots. If you take umbrage with these guidelines please also read Ethical Parrot Keeping – the Civil Rights Movement for Parrots.

3. Looking to Adopt: Please Read

You may post here, if you are:

  • seeking a mate for a parrot you own
  • willing to adopt a pair

You may not post here if you want to adopt for the purposes of single keeping or if you are planning to breed the birds. We do not support breeding while there are so many birds out there desperately looking for a good home. Such posts will be deleted.
If you are seeking to adopt, please provide the following information regarding the bird you are seeking a mate for including a header that says “Looking to Adopt”. Photos are great attention grabbers. Thus it is recommended that you post a photo of your bird as well:

Looking to Adopt

  • Species
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Behavior Issues
  • Health Issues
  • How is your bird kept? How does he participate in your home life
  • Details about your home life: how many humans, any other pets, anything pertinent to making a decision. Think about what you would like to know about a future home if you ever had to rehome your bird(s). That is likely the same information that someone looking to place a bird would like to know about you.

We strongly advise you to have any bird you are adopting vet checked and quarantined before you introduce it to your bird(s). Often it is best to do the vetting while the bird is still at its previous home. If you adopt, you are responsible for reimbursing the costs of the vet check and also of any treatments that may be required before the bird can move in with you.

3. Looking to Rehome: Please Read

You may post here, if

  • you are a private individual looking for a good home for your bird
  • if you are a rescue facility
  • if you are placing your bird free or charge. Any sales, adoption, mandatory donation fees are not permitted and will lead to deletion of your post.
  • you may ask for veterinary cost reimbursement against presentation of vets invoice)

Please provide the following information, including a header that specifies you are looking for a home for your bird. Please also provide a photo:

Looking to Rehome

  • Species
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Behavior Issues
  • Health Issues
  • Vet costs to be reimbursed (if any)

4. Disclaimer

Please be advised that we are providing a platform, not an adoption service. You are responsible for checking out the new home and securing your bird’s well being with an appropriate adoption contract. Adopt, Don’t Shop for Parrots!, The Bird School and Ann Castro are in no way responsible or liable for any problems arising from the use of this page.