Video | More scritches

… under the wing …

Video | First scritches

First cautious scritches at back of head and neck. This is the parrot who was said to be so aggressive that one could not give him a treat by hand. Right. 🙁

The arrival

Late last night Mr. Darcy arrived in his new home …

… he is awfully skinny.

today I’ll take him to my trusted avian vet. At the moment, Mr. Darcy is still in his carrier in my bed room. The cage was not brought to me … and he cannot go into the flight hall, yet. I need to birdproof my bed room now, so he can stay there, until he may be able to join the rest of the flock. Bathroom is already occupied and downstairs with the dogs is too dangerous. So, bed room it is … argh . . . → Read More: The arrival

Video | mirroring | tapping games

When first establishing contact with a scared bird, mirroring can help make the connection. This video shows how I take cues from Mr. Darcy’s tapping with his beak and copy it. It is remarkable how quickly he catches on and starts to communicate with me. This bird who supposedly was mega aggressive and who had not been petted in years then allowed me to touch him for the very first time. This is all on the day after arrivals. Mr. Darcy truly is a remarkable bird.

Video | Quarantine

At a friend’s place in quarantine, Mr. Darcy could have used the whole aviary. But after all these years of being locked up, he refused to exit his tiny cage, in spite of the entire front having been removed.