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Reading a book with four Greenwing Macaws

Don’t laugh – I thought, it was worth a try.
My greenwing macaws Lizzie and Sam are gradually getting closer. When I pick-up Lizzie in the evening to bring her to bed, she used to want to go onto the other macaw’s stand to plunder their feed bowls. Not anymore. Now she has to be put on top of the cupboard which Sam has chosen as his favorite spot. There they “make-out” a bit, before she wants to cuddle with me. Sam adores her and is all excited when she comes for her visit, albeit at times she – young thing that she is – seems to be bit rambunctious to him.
During the day Lizzie sits with Lailah in the back half of my bedroom – formerly known as “the library”. Five cupboards work as room dividers. They are also Mr. Darcy’s and Sam’s favorite perching locations. They are certainly allowed to move around freely in the room, but the cupboards remain their favorite location. Mr. Darcy does depart from there to extended excursion – as evidenced by the path of destruction he leaves behind. Sam however does not move much. He climbs onto the playstand on which the food dishes are located, but that’s about it.
Yesterday, however, Sam observed his adored Lizzie from on top of his cupboard and apparently found the distance too large. So he flew down into her part of the room (she is, unfortunately, still unable to fly). This is a big step forward for Sam. He can fly, but rarely does so. He moves little and hates being close to the floor. Nevertheless, when I went upstairs to check on them, he was sitting together with Lizzie on the backrest of one of the IVAR-chairs from IKEA. I love those chairs BTW. They are great parrots stands / chew toys. These chairs are untreated, inexpensive and when they are shreddered, I use them as firewood and give the next one to my birds.
Yesterday afternoon, I grabbed a bowl of pine nuts, a glass of water and my iPad, planning to have a cozy reading hours with my four macaws on the upstairs sofa. Since Sam, was sitting low on the chair, I thought it would be opportune to practice being relaxed there. He tends to be very nervous in such situations. Wonder what happened to him in his previous life to make him so scared. But anyways, I thought, armed with pine nut bribes, we might improve on this.
Thus, I grabbed Mr. Darcy and plunged myself and the goodies onto the sofa. Lizzie toddled quickly over for a visit. Lailah sat on “her” box and Sam on the backrest of the chair right behind the box. I started to offer rounds of pine nuts. Sam loves them and quickly climbed halfway down the chair to reach my hand, as I could not reach further from the sofa.;-)
Lailah obviously did not know pine nuts, but quickly acquired a taste for them. Lizzie and Mr. Darcy found that I was way too slow dealing out the pine nuts. Lizzie was awfully cute. She cuddled with me and used my as her personal climbing tree. Then she remembered that Sam was on the chair, climbed over to him, and fed and cuddled with him. Then she remembered I was there and came back to me. Back and forth she went. As she had to climb across Lailah’s box each time, the girls had a few little tussles – nothing dramatic, just a little annoying. At least Lailah is not one bit afraid. She dishes out as good, as she gets.
During all this action Mr. Darcy climbed around on me and the sofa, investigated my toes and other objects of interest, etc. etc. It really was so cozy slacking of with the macaws. I never did get around to reading much, but other than that …
After a little while Sam wanted to get back on top of the cupboards, but clearly was uncertain, how he could fly up at such a sharp angle. Thus, I lifted him up with the chair. This was the first time, he allowed me to do that. He wasn’t even afraid this time, just seemed a little bit surprised. Looks like the pine nut bribes did help a bit. 🙂