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My friend Ray’s trained free flying B&G, Cecil, has gone missing. Cecil is well loved by neighbours and friends. His loss is devastating.

What can you do to help?

* Cross post this as widely as possible
* Contact the news stations below so they will bring the story
* If you live in Ray’s area and have time, please help posting flyers
* Anything else you can think of

Ray can be contacted via email ( or telephone: 707-642-5760 or facebook: Raymond Varella

There is a substantial “NO QUESTIONS ASKED REWARD” offered for Cecil’s return.

I have posted Ray’s Email below.

Thank you,


Sunday July 17th Cecil went missing from my Sister’s house in Pittsburg California.
After a week of posting flyers, talking to people and covering every angle possible his trail has gone cold.
There were numerous credible sightings of him and I was able to interview quite a few people that saw him, unfortunately our paths did not cross and the sightings have stopped.

At this point I have to assume that someone has him and the only way I know how to flush them out is through the media.
I have submitted his story to several area news stations, I need someone to pick up his story.

The stations I contacted are in the San Francisco Bay Area as well as the Sacramento area, all in California.

Sacramento: KCRA AND KOVR

San Francisco: KGO, KRON, KPIX

Oakland: KTVU

direct email addresses:

web pages with click on link:

If you could take a few minutes to send a note and mention Cecil the Macaw I would be tremendously grateful.
I know every one of you understands exactly how I feel and if you have read about his progress during this past year and are cur=ious to read how he continues to progress please take a few
moments to write to one or more of the stations.

I will write a detailed report regardless of outcome but right now my energy has to be focused on finding my friend, he needs to come home.

Thank you all very much
Ray Varella