Clicker Conditioning

The bird school | Clicker training | Clicker conditioning

In this video, my Greenwing Macaw Lizzie is conditioned for the clicker. This is the first exercise a parrot trainer teaches his pupil.

For more details please refer to my book: The Bird School. Clicker Training for Parrots and Other Birds.

Enjoy and have fun training,


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Treat Testing for Clicker Training

The bird school | Clicker training | Treat testing

In this video, my Greenwing Macaw hen Ms. Lizzie shows the treat testing exercise. This is an important prerequisite to clicker training. All parrot trainers should take this step before starting with the actual training.

Lizzie joined out flock in late November, 2010. Being busy, I have not had the . . . more

Boxing Day at ann's world

Mr. Darcy & Ms. Lizzie - Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon

Fireworks training

Fireworks Parrot Training Image

Many parrot and other pet owners have rather mixed feelings when it comes to new year’s and other public celebrations. Of course any party is great. But fireworks can be really scary to our beloved animals. They could be stressed or even injure themselves in panic.


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Budgies | tame in groups


This video from a zoo in Germany is a wonderful example of how tame budgies are even when they are kept in groups:

Pellets - food for thought

I am no fan of pellets. The reasons for my critical view of this very common dietary staple for parrots are outlined, below. Of course, there are some exceptions in which pellet feeding does make sense in my opinion. These I have also outlined below.

Contra 1. Ingredients

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Video | parrot training | African grey sorts coins according to color

In this great video, african grey parrot Pitti sorts coins according to color. Not only does he show great skill in color recognition, but also some dexterity. The coins need to be placed into small slots and Pitti is simply marvelous.

How to test for zinc?

Zinc is toxic to parrots and may lead to acute and chronic poisoning. These may result in severe organ damage and often death. Unfortunately, it is difficult to diagnose chronic zinc poisoning, as the symptoms are not specific. This results in high mortality for chronic zinc poisoning. Therefore, it is . . . more

Parrot aggression - what to do

In spring time many parrots get hormonal. Sometimes, this results in aggression displays against the owner or other human or non-human members of the household. Parrots can also become aggressive during any other time of the year. Sometimes this happens abruptly, sometimes this develops over time. More often than not . . . more

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