New Here?

Welcome to the Parront Circles!

This page is to help to welcome you to the Parront Circles and to get you all cosy and comfortable here!

How do I get started here at the Circle? How do I use it?

Get started by heading over to Members Introduction and introduce yourself and your fids and other important members of your household.

If you have any questions regarding the techy stuff, you can find help in the FAQ Sections of the forum. If your question has not already been answered there, you can post it as a new topic.

Where are the Downloads?

They are but a click away! You’ll find them at the Parront Downloads page. (That’s also accessible by clicking on the “Parront Circles” link at the top menue of the website.)

Where are the Forums?

The Parront Circles discussion Forum are all contained within the Parront Exchange. There’s so much conversation & support & helfulness happening in the forums that you simply must must must visit there often, and you can find them here. (They are also accessible by clicking on the “Parront Circles” link at the top menue of the website.)

Circle Guidelines

Our circle guidelines are easy. We only have one rule: Be nice!

We are all here to learn and sometimes we make mistakes, have a bad day, don’t express ourselves so well in writing, misunderstand each other, etc. etc. But in order to learn and get the most out of the Parront Circles experience this needs to be a safe space that is friendly and loving. Only then is it possible to discuss anything – anything whatsoever – that is on our minds and get help and learn. So let’s all help to keep this a sacred place for us parronts.

What do I do if I have tech problems or questions?

The first thing to do is check the forum’s FAQ Sections to see if your question is answered there …
But if you’re not seeing the answer or you’re still running into difficulties, just pop into the FAQ Section and leave a question there. The other parronts here and myself will happily offer some assistance!

So looking forward to meeting up with you!


P.S. Please know that the Parront Circles is a safe, joyful, sacred, loving, supporting & uplifting space for you. We are here to help you settle in & make it as an exquisite experience for you as possible. Please please let us know if you have any questions or are needing anything at all! love love looooove to you!!!!