Cage almost kills monk parakeet

zinc poisoning through parrot cage

by Sabrina Gärtner

A beautiful Sunday afternoon. Just before 2 pm my pair of monk parakeets, Lumpi and Azzurra, fly to their feeding bowls to splurge on parrot mash. I am relaxing on the sofa, reading a book, when I suddenly hear a strange noise from the direction of my . . . more

Reading a book with four Greenwing Macaws

10-01-2012 Don’t laugh – I thought, it was worth a try. My greenwing macaws Lizzie and Sam are gradually getting closer. When I pick-up Lizzie in the evening to bring her to bed, she used to want to go onto the other macaw’s stand to plunder their feed bowls. Not . . . more

May I present Lailah - Greenwing Macaw Hen

Adopted handicapped greenwing macaw hen

08-01-2012 I would like to introduce Lilah to you, a female greenwing macaw. With her my mini flock of six greenwings is complete. Lilah is Lizzie’s sister, albeit a few years older (from 2005). Her breeder arranged for me to adopt her. As you can see on the photo, Lilah . . . more