Parrot Problems - Anti-Screaming Training: Don't wait, until it's too late!

I received an email over night from a desperate parrot owner asking me for help. Her neighbor is taking her to mediation court in less than a week because her macaws are screaming too much in the outside aviary.

This is obviously a problem that has taken some time to escalate to this point:

The macaws had to develop the habit of screaming non-stop. You might say they were inadvertently trained by the owner to do so. How? Her attempts to get the birds to be quiet obviously were reinforcing the behavior instead. The deterioration of her relationship with her . . . → Read More: Parrot Problems – Anti-Screaming Training: Don’t wait, until it’s too late!

My New Book is Out!

Screaming % Screeching: How to Solve Problems with Clicker Training for Parrots and Other Birds

Dear Friends and Readers,

I am so pleased to announce that my new parrot book is out!

Screaming & Screeching: How to Solve Problem Behavior with Clicker Training Would you and your family like to spend quality time with your birds without fear of bursting your eardrums? Would you like to entertain visitors without your bird screaming non-stop making a proper conversation impossible? Would you like to be able to have a normal telephone conversation without being disturbed by constant screaming? Would you like to stop complaints by your neighbors?


If you have . . . → Read More: My New Book is Out!