Greenwing Lailah Loves Me

17-09-2012 Lailah, my handicapped Greenwing macaw girl, is officially in love with me. In the mornings she calls “hey you”, until I, being well trained, get out of bed and give her my hand. She takes it ever so gently in her beak and then starts pumping. Luckily she just goes through the motions and I do not end up with a handful of regurgitated β€œicky” stuff. πŸ™‚

I can hold her handicapped foot quite well now with my left hand, too. Will need to introduce nail clippers, next. The nails are so long that I will have to start . . . → Read More: Greenwing Lailah Loves Me

Severe Macaw Lara - First Time in the Flight Hall

Lara, the Severe macaw, first day in the flight hall

28-05-2012 Those of you who follow me on facebook know that one week ago little Lara moved in with us and you have read about a gazillion mini-updates during her first week here. Hope, I have not been boring you too much with my excitement! πŸ™‚

For those who aren’t followers: Lara is an almost 19 year old Severe macaw girl and is meant to fall madly in love with Pedro my single Severe macaw male for the purposes of species appropriate keeping – or to put it more simply – of them both being deliriously happy as little parrots . . . → Read More: Severe Macaw Lara – First Time in the Flight Hall