Appearance of Budgerigars under UV-Light

Budgie-UV-Light Appearance Video

In a previous article the importance of UV-A and UV-B light for our parrots was explained.

Here is a video which illustrates the vision argument nicely. Enjoy! 🙂

How Important is UV-Lighting for Parrots?

On my continuous quest for enlightenment regarding all parrot issues I had a rather lengthy conversation with John Courteney-Smith, yesterday, regarding UV-lighting for parrots and other birds. John is Reptile Products Manager for Arcadia Products Plc. the world leader in reptile, aquarium and bird lighting systems. Who better to talk to than the experts who have been active in this field for close to 50 years. To supplement our hour-long conversation John kindly sent me information material including a lengthy article he wrote that covers all you ever wanted to know and then some about bird vision. I was going . . . → Read More: How Important is UV-Lighting for Parrots?