Parrot Treats: Reality check

Shelves with gouda cheesePhoto: Kevin Connors

To eat only healthy foods is boring. Thus, many parrot owners love giving their birds treats to show their affection. Often these treats are not all that healthy. But since treats are only small amounts, they think it is acceptable? But is it? Which amounts of what treat are truly acceptable and won’t harm our beloved feathered companions?

At this point the is no general answer to this question. No research has been conducted that establishes the effects on our parrots that certain quantities of a particular treat over a certain amount of time will have. In the absence of . . . → Read More: Parrot Treats: Reality check

Pellets - food for thought

I am no fan of pellets. The reasons for my critical view of this very common dietary staple for parrots are outlined, below. Of course, there are some exceptions in which pellet feeding does make sense in my opinion. These I have also outlined below.

Contra 1. Ingredients

Pellets generally have the same ingredients as found in standard seed mixes: corn, millet, peanuts, sunflower seeds, etc. Thus, initially, they are neither better nor worse than seed mixes – just a lot more expensive.

2. „Cooked to death“

The manufacture of pellets requires as a rule high temperatures and pressures. Even . . . → Read More: Pellets – Food for Thought

Help! My parrot is a picky eater


Many parrots are extremely conservative regarding new foods. This is normal. However, responsible owners who want their birds’ diet to be healthy and varied with loads of fresh produce can be driven to distraction by obstinate seed eaters. There is good news. With a few tricks and some patience any bird can be convinced to try new foods. I would like to share the methods that I successfully use with our rescue birds.

Method 1. The puree trick

Start with approximately ten percent by volume – compared to the total amount in the food bowl – of the new food . . . → Read More: Help! My parrot is a picky eater