Clicker Training for Parrots & Other Birds

The Bird School. Clicker Training for Parrots & Other Birds by Ann Castro This book for beginners shows you how to do clicker training with your birds. You will learn how to teach your parrots basic obedience, but also just for fun exercises. Clicker training is entertaining for birds and owners and enhances the bird-human relationship.
Topics covered are: Up, Down, Come, Let Go, Leave It, Go Away, Relaxation Exercises, Obstacle Course, Turning in a Circle, Loop de Loop, Nodding, Wiggling the Tail, How to Tame a Bird.152 pages, ISBN-13: 978-3939770039
E-Book $19.99, Paperback €49.99

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“This English edition, originally published in German, makes a welcome addition to any parrot owner’s library. Written in jargon-free language it gives a clear exposition of the theory of behaviour science and why and how clicker training is one of the easiest, most successful methods to socialize and train our captive parrots using modern non-punitive methods. … As an avid reader of training manuals myself, I find that this one is one of the clearest and easiest to follow. The photographs match the text closely and help the trainer visualize what is happening” —Dorothy Schwarz, The parrot society UK


“This is one of the very best parrot training books I’ve read. Easy to follow, valuable information & best of all, it works! I would recommend to anyone new to training parrots or you pet bird.” —Laura Buxton

“This book is a must read for all bird owners; of any kind. It is very informative and beautifully written. It will guide anyone to the clicker way of training. I suggest it for anyone with parrots. After my first session with my bird it was working great! At last, something to read, something to do for your bird/parrot that really works.” —Tammie Thomas