Parrot Harnesses - Delight or Danger?

The girl on the phone sobbed inconsolably. She had taken her African grey parrot outside in a harness. When she realized she had forgotten her wallet, she passed the bird and its leash to her friend while she ran back inside to get her money. She was gone for just a few minutes. Time enough for her friend to get startled, let go of the leash and the bird to fly high up into a tree with the harness and leash still attached.

Many times I have been asked my opinion about harnesses. Harness marketing suggests that it is easy . . . → Read More: Parrot Harnesses – Delight or Danger?

Parrot Vinegar Scare on Facebook is False Information!

For the last few days there is a story about vinegar being toxic to parrots when heated being passed around on facebook. This information is wrong. The writer cites “facts” supposedly from Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for vingear. However checking such data sheets these “facts” simply do not exist. Thus the whole write up is a lie meant to scare concerned parrot owners.

So where does all this come from? Let me try to explain:


A woman supposedly ran her dishwasher with vinegar added and her parrots died


Vinegar contains approximately 5% Acetic Acid (C2H4O2) the active . . . → Read More: Parrot Vinegar Scare on Facebook is False Information!

Parrot Rescue | Carlo's Song | One Macaw's Story

Carlos was a beautiful blue & gold macaw who had been wild caught. His plight inspired me one late night to write a song about all the wild caught parrots and their sad plight. A friend helped me to put it to music. I am not a singer and I apologize for that. If you are a music expert you will wrinkle your nose. But if you love parrots as I do, you will understand.

Carlo’s Song

I’m a parrot born to fly I should always Be in the sky

Papua Neuguinea was my home In the jungles I . . . → Read More: Parrot Rescue | Carlo’s Song | One Macaw’s Story

Adopt, Don't Shop for Parrots!

Dear Parronts,

Talking about species appropriate keeping and not supporting the mass production of parrots is one thing. Helping owners of parrots finding appropriate mates for their birds is another. To facilitate this I have created a facebook page called Adopt, Don’t Shop for Parrots! The purpose of this page is to help birds needing homes and potential adopters to find each other.

In order to avoid misunderstandings, I feel it is necessary to provide you with guidelines for using this page. Please read and abide by them. Posts not complying with these guidelines may be deleted.

1. This . . . → Read More: Adopt, Don’t Shop for Parrots!

Safe, Ethical and Parrot Friendly Cleaners: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Acetic Acid Container

“All” the Americans seem to be cleaning with vinegar and baking soda all the time. (haha – how’s that for generalization :-)) As a multi-parrot and dog owner, I am forever battling with filth. So I thought, “Great idea – I’ll try this.” Particularly appealing is also that neither vinegar nor baking soda are likely to have gone through cruel animal testing. They have been used by mankind since way before such tests were ever implemented. On top of that vinegar and baking soda are environmentally friendly and – in low concentrations – safe for parrots and other pets.

. . . → Read More: Safe, Ethical and Parrot Friendly Cleaners: Vinegar and Baking Soda

Greenwing Macaws Join Flock in the Bird Hall

01-09-2012 Today is a really exciting day here at the bird school. As you know I had four Greenwing macaw parrots in my bedroom – unflighted / handicapped birds which could not be safely placed in the bird hall. Miss Lizzie’s horribly mauled flight feathers have been growing back over the past two years, since she moved in with me. These things just take forever. Since her flights have almost completed their growing back in a few weeks ago, Lizzie’s flight efforts have been vigorous. She progressed from “hand flying” exercises, to little jump flights onto my bed, until finally . . . → Read More: Greenwing Macaws Join Flock in the Bird Hall

IKEA for Parrots - IRMA Fleece Blankets Protect Furniture and Floors

IKEA IRMA Fleece Blankets for Parrots

Ikea is a treasure trove for parrot owners. Many of their products are wonderfully suited to make your life with parrots a bit easier or more fun.

My last trip to IKEA was triggered by four greenwing macaws currently in my bedroom, greys in my bathroom and a little severe macaw, Little Lara, in my living room. Cleaning – not my favourite pastime anyways – was reaching ludicrous proportions. Albeit this situation is – hopefully – only temporary before these birds can be integrated into the group – I needed to do something about the floor scrubbing time.

Once again, . . . → Read More: IKEA for Parrots – IRMA Fleece Blankets Protect Furniture and Floors

Ethical Parrot Keeping - the Civil Rights Movement for Parrots

Those of you who have been following my writing for a while, know that I am a staunch supporter of species appropriate keeping of parrots.

I know that some people are terribly offended when I tell them that it is not ok to keep a parrot without a mate, with clipped wings, and in a small cage. I know that speaking-up can get some parrot owners terribly upset. Some even turn into enemies. Thus, this kind of public education can be frustrating and unpleasant at times. Luckily though there are also parrot owners who, once introduced to the concept, embrace . . . → Read More: Ethical Parrot Keeping – the Civil Rights Movement for Parrots

Appearance of Budgerigars under UV-Light

Budgie-UV-Light Appearance Video

In a previous article the importance of UV-A and UV-B light for our parrots was explained.

Here is a video which illustrates the vision argument nicely. Enjoy! 🙂

How to Build a Macaw Bathing Table

Now it fits and the bowl sits flat on the table

Work time without the shopping part: approximately an hour (less if unlike me you don’t have to file the holes larger … ). Total cost: Just shy of €43 Fun for beloved birdies: unmeasurable

Currently, I have four macaws stranded in my bedroom. Three of them are handicapped and the fourth one, Sam, is the mate to one the females. In particular Sam loves bathing. In my bird hall I have huge bathing bowls set-up. Since the hall has floor drains it is easy to service them. I simply lift-up and tip the bowls over, before scrubbing and filling them . . . → Read More: How to Build a Macaw Bathing Table

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